Kovalam Marathon

Travel & Accommodation


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How to reach the Start Point - Grove Beach, Kovalam?

Trivandrum City to Grove Beach, Kovalam  Р23 km (46 min depending on the traffic)

To reach Kovalam Grove Beach from Trivandrum City, you have a few transportation options available:

The most convenient and direct way to reach Kovalam Grove Beach is by hiring a taxi or cab from Trivandrum City. Taxis can be found at designated taxi stands or arranged through local taxi services. It is advisable to negotiate the fare or use a metered taxi for a fair price.

Auto-rickshaws, commonly known as “autos,” are a popular mode of transportation in Trivandrum. You can hire an auto-rickshaw to reach Kovalam Grove Beach from the city. It’s recommended to negotiate the fare beforehand or insist on using the meter.

Trivandrum has a well-connected public transport network, and you can take a bus from the city to reach Kovalam. Look for buses heading towards Kovalam or those passing through the Kovalam route. Public buses are a more economical option.

If you have access to a private vehicle or are renting one, you can drive to Kovalam Grove Beach from Trivandrum. The route typically involves taking the NH66 (formerly NH47) towards Kovalam and following the signs for Kovalam Beach or Grove Beach.

It’s recommended to plan your transportation in advance and consider factors such as convenience, budget, and time of travel when deciding which mode of transportation to choose.

How to reach Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala?

Trivandrum, also known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the capital city of the state of Kerala in India. Here are a few common ways to reach Trivandrum:

Trivandrum International Airport (IATA code: TRV) is well-connected with major cities in India and also has international flights. You can book a flight to Trivandrum from your departure city and arrive at the airport, which is located approximately 6 kilometers west of the city center.

Trivandrum Central Railway Station is a major railhead in South India and is well-connected with various cities across the country. You can check for trains that operate on the routes leading to Trivandrum Central and book your tickets accordingly.

By Road

Before traveling, it’s advisable to check the availability of flights, train schedules, or bus services and make necessary bookings in advance to ensure a smooth journey.